Xpressway™ Neutral Floor Cleaner

A neutral cleaner for cleaning floors including vinyl, tile, and other similar surfaces. Cleans floors without removing finish or dulling gloss.

  • Guest Supply Item Number: 0019150
  • Ecolab PIC: 6111222
  • GTIN Number: 10025469112221
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Will not affect floor finish

Upholds floor gloss

Streak free

Trigger dispensed application eliminates waste and limits product abuse or overuse.  No wasted water and chemical.

No unsightly or heavy mop buckets or foul-smelling water in high profile areas

Grab-and-go performance for faster cleaning.  No chemical to mix, always ready to save you time

Flat mop with washable microfiber pads.  Magnetic release makes mop head changing virtually touch free.  Flexible mop head easily maneuvers into tight spaces

Ergonomic handle; Comfortable and easy to use


Use for daily cleaning of all hard floor types, vinyl, tile and other similar floor surfaces

Effective Against/On:

Dirt and soils from normal usage

How To Use

Installing the Applicator Pad

  1. Place clean applicator pad face down on the floor.
  2. Open applicator head by pressing down on the magnetic release with your foot.
  3. Insert head into pad pockets. Push down to lock magnet in place.

Removing the Applicator Pad

  1. Open applicator head by pressing down on the magnetic release with your foot.
  2. Remove bead from pad pockets.
  3. Store used applicator pad for laundering. Pick up pad by pockets to avoid contact with used cleaning surface.

Load the Product Bag

  1. Unscrew connector from product holder.
  2. Insert bag, fitment side down, into product holder. Slide fitment into slot on product holder.
  3. Screw connector into product holder.

Remove Empty Product Bag

  1. Unscrew connector from product holder.
  2. Unslide bag fitment from slot and remove bag from product holder.
  3. When using multiple products, activate valve trigger to ensure entire tube is completely drained of all product before loading new product.

Mop Use Techniques

  1. Start with the bend of tile handle toward your body. The lower hand is used to move the mop head back and forth, while the upper hand remains stationary and controls product delivery.
  2. To begin the discharge of product, locate the handle lever and depress trigger as shown. This will start the gravity feed of product onto the floor.
  3. Spray the floor with product at your starting point. Press the handle lever long enough (3-5 seconds) to create a sufficient puddle of product on the floor. Work the mop back and forth through the puddle to wet out the entire pad.

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