Solid Power XL

Solid Power XL with GlassGuard™ is a machine warewashing detergent that provides a layer of chemical protection during each wash that protects glass from the elements in dishwater. GlassGuard™ is replenished each wash cycle and rinses away cleanly to provide the best possible results while protecting against the damaging effects of etch.

  • Guest Supply Item Number: 0024852
  • Ecolab PIC: 6100185
  • GTIN Number: 10025469611854
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Less Waste:

  • 33% less packaging waste (When compared to Solid Power® and Solid Power® Plus)
  • 80% less packaging than liquid detergents
  • Reduces storage space requirements and waste pickup costs
  • Better for the Environment:

  • 99.7% phosphate and phosphorus-free formula contains ingredients which are environmentally responsible
  • Prevents filming and glass etch thereby reducing glassware replacement
  • 50% More Power:

  • 50% more washes per capsule (When compared to Solid Power® and Solid Power® Plus)
  • Industry's most concentrated, highly active ingredients remove tougher soils
  • 33% less likely to run out of product during use
  • Superior Results When compared to other Low-Phosphorus Detergents

  • GlassGuard™ protects glassware from etching
  • Removes tough soils the first time
  • Reduces glassware replacement
  • Uses/Solutions:

    Effective in regular soil and water conditions

    For use in low or high temp machines

    Effective Against/On:

    All common food soils on all dishware

    How To Use
    1. Install a Wash Max dispenser and adjusts it to automatically dispense the proper amount of product.
    2. On initial customer installation, detergent controller overshoot must be managed by increasing pulse off time. High and low titration points must be no greater than 3 drops difference.
    3. Load Solid Power XL into the dispenser by carefully removing the empty capsule from the dispenser and turn upright to a void spills.
    4. Remove the cap from the new capsule and use the cap to seal the empty capsule immediately.
    5. Use the handle to place the full container in the dispenser with the open end facing down
    6. Replenish the dispenser when the alarm sounds and the "empty product" light flashes.

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