Pinnacle™ Marble Polish Paste

Easy-to-use compound that restores polish of worn marble, travertine and other carbonate-based stone. Polishes, conditions and offers initial water and stain resistance without damaging stone surfaces.

  • Guest Supply Item Number: 24058
  • Ecolab PIC: 6170418
  • GTIN Number: 25469604187
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Removes fine scratches from stone

Provides exceptional clarity and depth of color

Controlled activity

Does not etch stone where splashed, allows for high productivity with automatic scrubbers

"Factory method" polishing does not "cap" the stone

Allows breathability, does not trap moisture

Conditions the stone

Enhances water and soil repellency

Easy cleanup

No damage to metal surfaces


Use on marble, travertine, limestone, agglomerates, terrazzo, concrete and other calcium containing materials

Effective Against/On:

Restore worn marble, travertine, limestone and other calcium containing surfaces

How To Use

Directions for Use:

  • Ensure that the area to be polished is free from all topical coatings.
  • Protect all surrounding surfaces with StoneMedic Poly Protector.
  • Select an area of approximately 40 sq ft (4 sq m) for the polishing process.
  • Lightly wet the floor, stir Pinnacle Marble Polish Paste and place a scoop of product in the center of the area to be worked.
  • Utilizing a red pad or natural fiber pad, work the Pinnacle Marble Polish Paste over the area with a Mighty Max Floor Machine weighted to 140-160 pounds.
  • The consistency of the slurry should be fluid enough to ensure even coverage.
  • If the slurry becomes too dry, add water as needed.
  • Once desired polish is achieved, wet vacuum the slurry, then rinse and wet vacuum again.
  • Complete large areas in a checkerboard fashion, overlapping sections to blend.
  • May be used with automatic scrubbing equipment to facilitate large area overage.

Additional Notes:

  • Pinnacle Marble Polish Paste will have a tendency to settle/separate in storage. Always stir the contents well prior to use and from time to time during use.
  • Replace the bucket lid as soon as possible and ensure that the lid is firmly replaced when stored.

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