What to look for in a world class laundry program?

When guests check into a hotel, they bring their highest expectations.

Guest Satisfaction continues to be a key performance driver within the hospitality industry and that’s why every sheet, towel and linen needs to be clean, white, soft and fresh.

Hotels need a complete laundry program that not only delivers guest satisfaction by achieving results but also one that can lower overall operational costs. Linen replacement alone can end up being close to 25% of a hotel’s total laundry operational cost. This adds up to be a significant cost for hotel operators.

A linen life research study found that stained, gray and yellow linens are primary reasons that linen can find its way into the reject pile; which means that linen is likely being discarded well before its natural life span because of challenging stains like cosmetics, food and body soils.

It is very important to use a complete laundry program that is effective at everyday cleaning as well as removing those challenging stains. Hotel laundries deal with different water and stain challenges which require different types of chemistries to effectively treat them. Most best in class laundry programs utilize alkalinity because it is effective at breaking down soils and helping keep linen stain free. In addition, sours are a critical component to help treat water and control various minerals and metals to help prevent yellowing, graying and encrustation that causes roughness.

A good laundry program should be comprehensive with low-temp chemistry and optimized wash cycles that can help reduce utility consumption. A one-size-fits-all approach can prove to be quite costly because it will not be able to address the staining issue and will lead to higher costs from replacing linen.

Using the right laundry products and following the right laundry procedures are important for getting great linen results. Partner with your Ecolab counterpart to train your customer’s staff and support their operations for the superior results that their guests expect.


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